If your program uses a MRU i.e.:
Recent Files, Recent URL's, Recent Page, Recent Web, Recent Project, Recent Workgroup etc, I need the following information.
If each software version uses a different MRU location please specify where/how for each version.

If your program uses an .ini file to store the MRU I need the following:
Name of the ini file, path/folder ini file is installed to, ini file section of the MRU (i.e. [Recent Files]) if more than one section is used, please list all sections used, i.e.
[Recent Files]
[Recent Projects] etc...
If there is a count, name of entry/section.

If your program uses the Registry to store the MRU I need the following:
*Name of the Registry key the MRU is stored
   Currently only "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" is supported.
*Name of the Value
   (File(n), project(n), A, i00(n) etc...)
   Where n is a base value if used (i.e. File0, Project1), then the base used.
*Value Type
   REG_EXPAND_SZ etc...
*If a count is kept
   Name of the value (MRUCount)
   Value type

If you have multiple programs please send info for each.

Thank you