If you would like to add a program that you use to my supported programs list, follow the instructions below.
I take no responsibility for any damages to your computer while you are in the registry: proceed at your own risk.

Click Start-->Run and type in Regedit
You will see what looks like Windows Explorer... except with Registy Hives on the left.
You should see:
My Computer

   If you don't see these double click on My Computer and it should expand.  Now double click on the Hive "HKEY_CURRENT_USER".  Now you should see a bunch of keys, double click on Software and that will expand to show all (most) of the programs installed on your computer (If using NT or Windows with multiple Profiles, this will be different for each user logged on)  Look interesting?  You bet it is!  There is a lot of info here.
   Double click on Microsoft and that will expand to show a bunch more keys.  Let's see... what MS program have you used that I can use as an example?  Hmmm How about Internet Explorer?  Yes?  Double click on Internet Explorer then the key "TypedURLs"  These are all the URL's you typed in the address bar of IE.  To send me this info, make sure the key "TypedURLs" is highlighted (if not, click on the key "TypedURLs" to highlight) then click on the menu at the top that says Registry and select "Export Registry File" and it will ask you to save it somewhere, save it somewhere you will remember and with the name of the program... now when you send me info and you attach a file, choose that one or, all of the registry exports you have done.  But, don't send me that info, I already support IE.  Close the Microsoft Key by double clicking on "Microsoft" or the minus icon next to Microsoft, now open some keys under software and see if you can find some MRU lists :-)  Need more help, just let me know :-) Oh, yeah.... one thing.... Don't delete anything if you are unsure of what you are deleting!

Thank you.