Gunner's Recent File List Editor
Current Version: 1.3.122
Last Updated: Too long ago

  Many Windows programs use what's called an "MRU List".  It is usually located under the File menu of a program.  It shows the last 4 or more files opened with that program so you can quickly re-open a "Most Recently Used" file.  A MRU list can also contain:

  Now, over time, you may delete a file or move a file and now that file is non-existent to that program.  Many programs do not give you an option of cleaning out the MRU, with Gunner's RiFLE you can!

Gunner's RiFLE currently supports 76 Programs and 97 MRU lists.
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How do I add a programs MRU to your support list?
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There was a problem with the installer not installing GRiFLE if you were using Windows 95, this is now fixed.
Windows 95,98,NT,W2K 335kb
Windows XP 593kb